Monthly Archives: October 2007

Street Treasures

I love stumbling across different pieces of furniture, books, chairs, tables or really anything in the street. Saturday I was walking back to my apartment after getting a prescription filled at my pharmacy and I saw a construction worker sitting and smoking on what appeared to be a side table with tapered legs. I walked past it but after one block my curiosity got the best of me. I walked back and asked the man if he was throwing it away. He smiled and said its yours! I lugged this beauty with me the rest of the way and it has found a new home in my living room. Unfortunately it does need a little tlc, the bottom drawer needs to be glued back together, but it is nothing that a little wood glue and clamping can’t fix.

Street Find

The table has two peculiar shaped drawers on the sides, that I absolutely adore.

Street Treasure

Thank you streets of Brooklyn for giving me an early birthday present!


Soft Prototypes Class

Tote Bag Designed by Myself!

The first half of my soft prototypes class was focused on sewing, and pattern making. Here is one of my first projects, Although the basic pattern is very simple, I wanted this bag to have my own personal touch to it and I think it worked! Tonight in class we will be picking our final backpack designs. I will be blogging about my entire design process so stay tuned!

I <3 Tea

Little Birdie on My Desk

I have been drinking too much yogi lemon ginger green tea. I liked this quote on my tea bag so much that it has been sitting on my shelf right above my computer with my little birdie to serve as a reminder to myself.

My Copenhagen Exhibit

Come see my work in the DIS show in Brooklyn!

My final piece that I have been blogging about all summer will be in the My Copenhagen show along with the rest of my classmates work. The exhibit will include textiles, furniture, glass, and architecture/interior design. The show is Denmark was lovely and I expect nothing less from this one also. I will be at the reception on Friday at 6. Hope to see you all there!

Calling all mothers!

The final project for my soft prototypes class is to design the ultimate backpack for a certain demographic. I have decided to focus on the urban mom on the go and designing the ultimate diaper bag. If you wouldn’t mind answering a few simple questions if you fit this criteria I would greatly appreciate it! It will help me with my research in designing my final product.

1) What kind of diaper bag do you currently use or have in the past?
2) What did you like and dislike about your diaper bag
3) How much would you be willing to spend on a diaper bag?
4) As far as the tote diaper bag or backpack bag do you have a preference? If so why?
5) What components are essential to a diaper bag? Changing Pad? Clips for keys and pacifiers? Thermal pockets for bottles? Having certain items accessible?
6) Does fashion play a part when choosing a diaper bag?
7) Do you use your diaper bag to store other items that are not related to your child?

optional – if you could include a brief description of yourself, including where you reside, how many children you have, or any other information you think that I would find vital that would be wonderful! Thanks so much!

Self Indulgent Birthday Wishlist

It is finally October. My favorite month, and you know what that means, 19 days until my birthday! My father called me on the phone the other day asking what I wanted for my birthday, so here is a silly little wish list of things I have had my eyes on.


Capezio T-Strap Size 7
I left my pair that my mother bought me in the hostel in Helsinki, and my feet just haven’t been the same since. 😦

Cheap Headphones that I can afford to break or lose, I wish these came in adult sizes!


I think that this Marimekko dress designed by Mika Piirainen is absolutely perfect. Size 36 please!


Right before I went to Copenhagen I ordered a bunch of samples from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and have been meaning to buy a bigger bottle of Snake Oil and Antique Lace.


I have my eye set on this knitting machine on ebay, or really any knitting machine for that matter. I can’t wait for the weather to start to get chilly so I can break out all of he knitswear!

Website makeover! Someone to redesign my poor website for me (which is currently not up but is usually located at since I have still not yet learned how to use dreamweaver!


You can always win me over with flowers, hydrangeas are my favorite!