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D. Porthault Luxury Linens

Yesterday on my lunch break I stopped in to D. Porthault on Park Ave and 58th since I work right around the corner.  They are having their semi-annual sale and I thought why not have a peek! While D. Porthault is definitely out of my price range I definitely appreciate that they hold true to its tradition of screen-printing its patterns by hand and their quality really is superb. I love companies that really embrace artisans all the way from the printing proces to their delicate embroidery work. I’m not sure that I could ever justify spending $800 on a duvet (and that was after the reduction half off mind you) but they really are the Chanel of linens and sometimes it is fun to window shop. The following photos give a peak into the process of creating a D. Porthault product.  All photos from the D. Porthault website.

Do you buy luxury goods? What is worth it to splurge for you? I’d love to hear!


Inspired By… {Trina Turk for Schumacher}

Schumacher has launched its second collaboration with Trina Turk. I am a huge fan of Trina Turk and have been SO blessed and lucky to have been able to collaborate with her at my current job. See this previous post. Her and her team are a dream to work with and she is just as lovely in person!  Her new collection of indoor/outdoor fabrics bring the same Palm Springs spirit  that we all know and love from her fashion line and her takes on fabulous vintage prints. I say that Trina can do no wrong!

All images via Schumacher, please visit their website to check out the rest of the line.

Designer at Work

I love this photo of Lulu deKwiatkowski of LULU DK fabric from her blog. She writes that she had painted every every collage on the floor of her Upper East Side apartment kitchen for last 14 years up until she recently sold it. As someone whose apartment doubles as my studio space this makes me feel quite a bit better about my working conditions and that I am not alone!

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Etsy Love: Love Lobsters

When I saw that the very talented Katie Evans had added these adorable Lobster cards to her etsy shop I knew that I would be purchasing them asap. I guess you could say that I’ve had lobsters on the brain since Christmas when I went back to New England for the holidays and decided that I really needed more seafood in my life. If you haven’t already check out Katie’s blog where she posts her drawings and doodles.

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Balloon Dog Necklace from Lally’s Closet

I’ve had my eye on this Kate Spade Five Points Camille Bag since it came out, looks like it is finally on sale!
Just a few things to brighten up your day that are on my wishlist that I have categorized under ‘gold’.  I am jumping on MetroNorth today for a trip up to the Hudson Valley to source some new prints and patterns for our new season at my day job. It will be nice to have a day out of the office and leave the city for a bit.

Thornton Designs

I had another post planned for today but when I found the first photo on Pininterest I knew that I had to share it on my blog and that the other post could wait until tomorrow.  The above room was designed by Lee Ann Thornton of Thornton Designs and I am in LOVE. The tufted headboard, the pops of gold, everything seems fairytale perfect down to the wallpaper that graces the hallway. Can you image waking up in this room everyday?

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Spark & Hustle

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I am really thankful to have today off and check a few things off of my ever growing to do list.  There are a few upcoming opportunities that are on the horizon for me. I can’t divulge them all quite yet but I am extremely excited to say that I will be attending Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle Conference in March in NYC. It is a three day conference for aspiring small women business owners that is going to be jam-packed with successful speakers dishing on business success, profit, media, sales, marketing and more.

I first heard of the conference through veteran social media maven Shameeka Ayers blog The Broke Socialite who is also the brains behind Lavish! From what Shameeka had written about the conference I knew that I could not miss it when it came to NYC.  Fast forward a couple of months and here I am with a ticket in my hand!