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I’m itching to get my hands on Vera: The Art and Life of an Icon, I’ve had it on my wishlist since I heard about it but haven’t gotten around to purchasing it. I am a huge fan of Vera and whenever I see a piece of hers at a thrift shop, or flea market I can’t resist picking it up to add to my ever growing collection of fabrics.  I actually just picked up a Vera printed painting at a stoop sale the other weekend and can’t wait to find a place for it in my new apartment.  (Be on the lookout for photos after the move!)

What I really love about Vera is the fact that I can relate to her because she too started designing from her kitchen table in 1946 and by the 70s has a huge business that was available to the masses.   I was browsing Etsy and here are my favorite Vera picks that you can buy for your own collection.

Love the bold florals and mustardy and turquoise color palette on this Vera scarf that you can buy here

Pretty Preppy Pinks and Yellows over here

A mix of fiesta color and a touch of Pennsylvania Dutch no? Can be found here

This mod geo would be perfect to sport on the upcoming 4th of July Here

This Vera shirt reminded me that I have a Vera button down that is screaming to be worn in my closet that I thrifted a few weekends back.  Check it out here


Litill @ Design Week

These photos were taken a while ago but I’d like to share because I think that these Litill Terrariums are absolutely  beautiful and I only wish that this move wasn’t draining my bank account!  These photos were taken at the Trina Turk store in the Meatpacking District in NYC during Design Week back in May.  I am loving everything about them from the color palette, to the material choices, and the artist herself was more than happy to talk with me too! I will definitely be on the lookout for more of Litill’s work in the future!






Apartment Countdown!

The big move is July 3rd so I have been playing around with furniture layouts and picked my paint colors! I decided to go with

New Apartment colors

Left: Benjamin Moore Feather Gray and Right: Benjmain Moore Gray Owl

I’ve been wanting to play with grays for a while now but I haven’t had the luxury of painting in my last apartments.  The best part about my new apartment is that I won’t even have to pick up a paint brush since it is undergoing renovation right now and they are going to paint it after. Ever since I saw the apartment I have had this floor plan open in illustrator on my computer and I have been playing with it everyday.  Here is a snapshot of what it looked like a couple of days ago. That large brown square in between the couch and sideboard is supposed to be a rug, just playing around with what size I should get.

New Apartment Layout

Still undecided but I can’t wait to play around when I finally get my furniture in there.  Stay tuned!

A New Home!

I will be moving the beginning of July!  I am very excited to be moving to my first very own apartment in Ditmas Park Brooklyn! This means that not only will I have my own apartment but I will be turning a part of it into my own personal office which means that I can get a whole lot more organized and have more breathing room! At the moment I live in a wonderful apartment in South Park Slope with two room mates but I have found it extremely hard to separate my personal space from my work area.  My new place is big enough to have two desks! One for personal use and one dedicated to just my own projects and my business! I am excited beyond belief and can not wait to move and settle in! Photos to follow and of course the run down of how I am decorating!

Sampling Process + Creative Mission

I thought that I should share a bit about my current project.   I am currently working on a line of wallcoverings made out an old material with a new twist. The other day I sent my first sample pattern into the vendor so that they can start printing on the material with different backings.  This is an entirely new process not just for me but the manufacturer themselves.  We are both really excited because we are currently developing a product that I have not seen on the market.  I am anxiously awaiting to hear back to see how the process is going.

I wrote up a business plan a few months ago and here are some points from my creative mission

Develop modern, colorful, playful patterns that bring something new to the market in lieu of traditional wallpaper

Be conscientious when I design my products and keep sustainability in mind.

-Aid in sustaining the rapidly decreasing cork industry.

Seek out and maintain good relationships with manufacturers.

-Outsource all production.

-Produce a new line of wall coverings, products every spring, beginning with the debut in 2011 (in time for ICFF and Brooklyn Designs).

Trina Turk for Clinique

Clinique Bonus
It is always exciting to see products that I have worked on in stores.  Right now at Nordstrom’s the  Trina Turk for Clinique Bonus bag is at counter that I helped design.  Trina is amazing to work with and I am a huge fan of her prints! Sadly there are no Nordstrom’s in NYC so I can’t see it in action!

Colors of New Orleans






Photos from my quick trip to New Orleans in April