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Pattern Inspiration : Luli Sanchez

I was daydreaming today about picking up a paint brush, something that I haven’t done since my time at Pratt. I was probably thinking about this because today I got the chance to view the lovely print collection of Luli Sanchez. You may have seen her work with a recent collaboration with West Elm .  Here are some of my favorite picks of her prints.


Check out Luli’s website as well.

Last week Kimberly Lewis Home was featured on Brooklyn Based on an article covering the Brooklyn Wallpaper scene, as well as on Tobi Fairley‘s blog on Sunday Showcase a guest post written by Abbe of Studioten25.

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Palm Springs Post #4 The Parker

After lunch on Day #2 I hopped in my rental car and drove around exploring the neighborhoods and taking in the architecture. I had read that The Estate Sale Company was a place that I couldn’t miss and boy were they right! I was in absolute heaven! The store spans an entire block on Highway 111 and I only wish that I could have transported a truckload of furniture back to my apartment in Brooklyn! I didn’t take any photos because I was too busy oogling everything but if you are in the area you must stop!  After that I hopped across the street to The Parker which boasts interiors by Jonathan Adler.

Even though I had practically just eaten lunch I somehow found myself at Norma’s. I ordered a smoothie and drank it inside because I still hadn’t gotten used to the 110 degree weather.

Right away when you stepped into the lobby and past the front desk you were transported to Jonathan Adler world. I’m not complaining though

I’ve been on a citrus brights kick lately and this wall hanging caught my eye

This fireplace along with the wood paneled ceilings made this room feel  so cozy


A peek into the grounds.  I poked around and loved all of the semi private areas like the above fire pit and hammocks.  The Parker felt more like a desert oasis to me than a hotel.  I could totally see myself coming here and not even leaving the premise!

Palm Springs – Riviera

My second day in Palm Springs I rented a car and spent the morning at the Palm Springs Tramway in San Jacinto state park. After I drove over to the nearby Riviera for lunch at Circa59.

The Riviera’s interior was over the top and mirrored surfaces were everywhere!

I had the most amazing Chilled Cucumber gazpacho which had crab, watermelon, mint, jicama as well as the Ahi Tuna Tartar.  I am still dreaming about the gazpacho it was that amazing!

Check out the ceilings of the restaurant!



Check back tomorrow for my last Palm Springs post!


One of the first things on my list of to do’s on my Palm Springs getaway was to have lunch at the Viceroy. Viceroy is a boutique hotel that is tucked away off of the main drag downtown. The Viceroy used to be a glamorous hideaway in the 30s that attracted Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Joan Crawford among others and a few years ago was transformed by the one and only Kelly Werstler.

Despite the scorching temperatures the first thing that I did when I got to the hotel was head straight to Citron the restaurant at Viceroy and found a seat under a cabana by the pool.

I loved the yellow, black and white, and Gray color scheme that was played throughout the hotel.

I loved this semi enclosed outdoor seating area, perfect for a large group of family or friends

The inside was just as charming, the white chairs against the yellow walls is so crisp and clean.

These mirrors in the hallway outside the lobby added a bit more space to the otherwise tiny entranceway and lobby.

If I visit Palm Springs again I’d love to put Viceroy on my list of places to stay! I wouldn’t mind taking a peek in person at their rooms and taking a dip in the pool as well!

Back from Palm Springs



On Monday morning I got back from a quick trip to the west coast to visit Palm Springs. It was a bit of a last minute solo trip but in the end everything worked out.  I stayed at the Ace Hotel and it was the perfect place to relax and unwind for a laid back California weekend. I felt like I was transported back to summer camp with the minimal 70s-ish decor in the hotel rooms and large oversized macrame sculptures hanging in the lobby. Luckily this summer camp was geared for adults and included delicious food and drinks delivered poolside (fish tacos + bloody mary was a great combo!) as well as night swimming in the pool with a dj into the wee hours of the morning. I’m back refreshed and relaxed and already planning on a return in the near future! I’ll be sharing some more of my adventures over the long weekend over the next few days.

BITT : Getting Your Work Published & Recognized in the Industry



Photos Via: BITTT

I had the pleasure of last week attending an event that was hosted by BITTT it was hosted at the lovely Artistic Tile showroom and the topic of the night was “Getting Your Work Published & Recognized in the Industry” BITTT organized a fantastic panel featuring Helene Oberman Managing Editor of Interior Design Magazine , photographer Adrian Wilson, interior designer and an expert commentator Libby Langdon , Carolyn Sollis of Editor at Large and House Beautiful.

This was my first BITTT event and I will definitely be attending more in the future.  The panel candidly talked about the process of submitting projects and products to magazines as well as blogs and the hot topic of exclusivity came up. A big thing that I took away was to keep the juicy interior projects underwraps. What does that mean? Editors don’t want to have the projects that you are pitching already on your website or blog or in another magazine.

I know that this has been a hot topic lately.  What do you think? Have you had experience dealing with this? Would love to hear!