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Coastal Cool featuring Set Sail in Navy

set-sailI came across this Royal Naval Porthole Mirror on Renovation Hardware and it was just screaming to be paired with my Set Sail wallpaper in Navy. I actually dropped everything that I was doing because I just HAD to put a mood board together that instant, it was that urgent. A wallpaper emergency if you will. I’ve been itching to use this wallpaper in a bathroom or see a client do it. Unfortunately this paper doesn’t quite sit well with my Mamie Pink bathroom so please for the love of God can someone please make this a reality!

Get your coastal cool on with  Royal Naval Porthole MirrorSet Sail wallpaper in Navy, Ikea Sink with Gemstone Knobs, Ahoy Bath Mat, Stripe Shower Curtain, Glass Jar Pendents, Basketweave tile



Designer Secrets: Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

Design Secrets


I love the way Lindsey thinks, wallpaper on the ceiling? Why not? Wallpaper can really punch up a space in an unexpected way!

Via Pinterest

Love the wallpaper ceiling that extends down to the wall. It really draws your eye your eye up and makes the ceilings seem taller than they really are.


Love this wallpapered close and doors, an unexpected pop of pattern!

This classic Domino photo has been making me swoon since 2007! Designed by Ashley Whittaker



Finding the Quiet City

Finding the Quiet City

When I have people first visit me of the first questions they always ask is ‘How can you live here? It seems so busy and noisey!’  I thought it was interesting when I stumbled upon this infographic on the NYTimes website called Finding the Quiet City The map shows 761 ‘pockets of piece’ that are reader submitted. I have to remind them that I for one don’t live in the middle of times square and I am definitely far far away from the busy streets of midtown when it comes to my home.

For me personally my pocket of peace is my neighborhood, Ditmas Park. It is a quiet residential neighborhood in Brooklyn with Victorian lined streets. A rarity for a city like NY. I like to jog up and down the streets filled with free standing houses and watch the neighborhood kids play in their front yards or sidewalks or perhaps I will even catch a glimpse behind a backyard fence. It is definitely greener than other neighborhoods in Brooklyn and I often find myself stopping to sniff different sorts of fragrant floral bushes. To me this is my pocket of piece and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was kind of surprised that none of those 761 people noted my neighborhood but maybe its for the best and I will keep it my little secret. 🙂



Fourth of July in New England

Although I love the city sometimes I find myself dreaming of quieter surroundings. I was lucky to be able to go home to Massachusetts for a long weekend during the 4th of July and it was much needed! My father lives outside of Worcester, Ma. I grew up inSouthern NH so where he lives is still very unfamiliar territory to me. He has only been living there about a year and the past few times I have gone home I hadn’t left the house much but this time I tried to get a bit of exploring done. I spent the 4th in Newport, RI with my father and his wife. I hadn’t been since I was a child and we took in the beautiful views and of course the mansions. To top it off we had a delicious seafood dinner and then headed back home, a perfect day trip!



I had a trip to the beach on my wish list and I checked that off AND a quick trip to to a nearby lake. Both the private beach that I went to and lake were so peaceful and tranquil. By the end of the trip I was already dreaming about owning a piece of property next to a waterfront. When I was there I felt my worries literally float away.





My dad had mentioned a car show that was going on nearby in Worcester. To my surprise I found myself having a lot more fun than I had anticipated. My dad seemed to be an encylopedia of car information and I found myself drawn towards the small design details. Despite the sticky weather it ended up being a fun morning before my dad had to jaunt off to a wedding.


One of my favorite things to do when back in New England is thrifting and hitting up the local flea markets. I ended up at a local flea market and antiques mal a few towns over from my dads and despite it being a bit tinier than I was expecting picked up a few treasures. Flea markets in NYC are too curated and expensive for my taste. (Sorry NYC!) I much more enjoy the hunt of it all and sifting through the stalls that seem to have nothing worthwhile in them only to discover a hidden treasure. Give me New England flea markets anyday! We rounded out the weekend with a trip to the drive-in on Saturday night. Nothing says small town to me like packing the car and the snacks when the sun starts to set. On Sunday night it was back to the hustle and bustle of the city, and despite how I often insist that I am a city girl I’m already secretly planning my next trip back!