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Lovenest @ Henri Bendel

My coworker and friend Jenny Wong of Lovenest is having a trunk show at Henri Bendel. Tomorrow is the last day so if you are in NYC I would highly recommend that you head over and check it out!


New Home Sweet Home

I’ve been in my new apartment since the beginning of July but I finally got around to taking some photos a couple of weekends ago.  My new apartment is in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn and it is an alcove studio that I have all to myself (and well my cat Pacha)

Peeking into the bedroom

Here is to a peek into my bedroom.  The walls are Benjamin Moore Feather Gray.

Looking into bed into dressing room/bathroom

Looking from my bed into my dressing room that leads to the bathroom.

My Dressing area
My dressing room has my dresser and a full closet.


I call this my poodle pink bathroom. Yes my sink, tub, wall tile AND floor tile are all this atrocious color.
My Bookshelf Wall to divide my studio

The trusty Ikea Expedit divides my bedroom from the rest of the apartment.

Living room
This is the view looking from the Expedit Bookshelf into my living room. I bought the Marimekko fabric in Finland and stretched it over a frame.

Living room looking into dining/office/entry way
In my living room looking into the dining room / office

Dining Room
Dining area!

My colorful kitchen

You can see the rest of the photos over at my flickr.

I Love Print!

Lots of great news the past week or so related to print! Today Christiane Lemieux of DwellStudio announced on the StudioBlog that she has been working on a book that is due out next year called Undecorate. From what it sounds like I love the idea! Especially since personally it has taken a couple of years for me to get my place together, I love hearing and seeing others stories.


Then there was the announcement of Anthology, the newest new quarterly shelter and lifestyle print magazine that I am just dying to get my hands on! The cover is done by the lovely


I just recently ordered and received Business Model Generation and while I have been flipping through it on the subway and browsing I  can’t wait to actually sit down and read it.


Lauren Moffatt

The change of seasons makes me itch to go shopping.  (If you couldn’t tell from my last post!) That and it is fashion week here in NYC so that is all everyone is talking about! I’m resisting the urge to purchase things and organized a Clothing Swap Party a couple of weeks from now which really kills three birds with one stone.  You get to organize/clean your closet AND get fabulous new things to put on those empty hangers AND hang out with some great friends and eat yummy food and drinks! In the mean time I’ve been satisfying my shopping craving with some internet browsing.  If I had the funds I would totally purchase a piece from Lauren Moffatt’s Fall collection.  Here are some of my favorites.

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

LL Bean?

I was at a Birthday party this weekend and my friend Ana showed up  with a super cute bag.  When someone asked where she got it from she said  LL Bean!! Being a New Englander I grew up going to LL Bean on a regular basis with my parents. Sometimes my dad would even bring us up at odd times in the night to the huge one open 24 hours in Maine.

I remember wearing LL Bean rainboots, hideous snow coats (mine was turquoise! blecck), and the classic backpack that everyone had with their initials (confession-it may be hanging out in my closet in Brooklyn right now actually).  Mostly not so great memories. I was surprised to go to the website and see that they have a new line called LL Bean Signature Line.  It looks like it is tailored to a younger demographic, maybe a bit hipper but s

Picture 4

I’m really liking this tweed skirt, actually I could probably see myself wearing this whole outfit.

Picture 5
I’ve actually wanted the classic LL Bean Duck boot I love these even more than the original because they have leather on the top.  My style is usually pretty girly so I’m not sure if I could pull them off but I could totally see them with some brightly colored tights.
Picture 6
This is the purse that my friend had, cute right?

Picture 7

Pretty classic, I can totally see myself throwing this over my shoulder for some weekend trip upstate or to NH.

Picture 8

I can’t decide what I like the most in this photo. The beautiful green bike?  that tartan tie/raisin-y shirt combo? or that beautiful new england man?