Monthly Archives: October 2011

A little of this and a little of that…

via: Rue

Lots of new things happening over here! Last week I started a new fulltime freelance job here. It is nice to be back on a schedule and I am really enjoying the work and everyone in the office!

I also never get tired of seeing things I designed in store and on the web so head over to Macy’s and check out these Clinique makeup bags that I worked on!

I also updated my design services section on the website just in case you need a designer, give me a ring!

We’ve recently added our wallpapers over to Pinterest, are you on it yet? If so lets follow each other!

Its Octover but the weather is feeling quite summer like here in NYC. 85 degrees today?! What! I actually can’t wait for the temp to drop a bit so I can break out the colorful tights. See above!

Hopefully back to some more regular blogging, see ya soon! xo!