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Wallpaper 101: Untrimmed vs Trimmed Wallpaper


I’m introducing a new series to blog, I will be demystifying some common wallpaper questions that often get emailed to me. First up on the list is the difference between Untrimmed and Trimmed Wallpaper. This gets asked a lot since Kimberly Lewis Home wallpapers come untrimmed. Let me break it down for you!

Untrimmed Wallpaper

Wallpaper in which the selvedge edges have not been removed at the manufacturer prior to packaging. Trimming is done by the installer and can be done using a straight edge and razor knife prior to installation.

Pre-Trimmed Wallpaper
Wallpaper in which the selvage edges have been removed at the mill before packaging. This does not require an extra step for the installer


Rue Magazine Feature + Behind the Scenes!


I can finally let the cat out of the bag! I have been counting down the days/minutes until I could announce! The newest issue of Rue Magazine went live yesterday and Kimberly Lewis Home is gracing its Color Issue!

This feature means so much to me! It felt like yesterday (it was actually Feb 2011) that I attended the Rue Issue 3 party here in NYC. At the time I hadn’t even officially launched my business yet. All I had was a business card with a website that led to a few teaser photos and a twitter account that maybe 20 people followed me on, But I didn’t care! I was planning on launching my business that May and wanted to meet other design industry professionals who were doing their own thing. I remember going to the event alone that night being so nervous, I wasn’t sure if I should introduce myself as a package designer in the beauty industry which was what I was doing at the time or say I was a wallpaper designer. I can’t remember what I decided on but in the end I ended up meeting and chatting with so many people like Roxy of Society Social  who is now a friend and was launching her business that summer as well! Small world! I left the event so pumped up with energy and excited about my business and what was on the horizon!

It was a dream to work with the Rue Crew and finally be part of the magazine! I felt like it was a benchmark for my business from how far I’ve come thinking back on that party. Crystal, Kat, and Emily pulled everything together super quick and I am seriously amazed! I put together a little video of some behind the scenes action of the shoot that took place in my Brooklyn apartment / office. I am a super fan of Emily’s work and when Crystal emailed me that she would be coming to my place I was honestly a bit nervous. I felt like I had some big shoes to fill but everything came together and I am so pleased with the entire article.  Emily has an absolutely amazing eye and the photographs turned out stunning! I’m so grateful to have been able to work with her!

So without further ado here is a little sneak peek of the behind the scenes action of the shoot! Hope you enjoy the Beyonce!

Rue Rue Rue

Definitely check out the entire issue because from front to cover it is such a treat and a BIG HUGE thanks to the Rue Crew for letting me be apart of it!



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