Street Treasures

I love stumbling across different pieces of furniture, books, chairs, tables or really anything in the street. Saturday I was walking back to my apartment after getting a prescription filled at my pharmacy and I saw a construction worker sitting and smoking on what appeared to be a side table with tapered legs. I walked past it but after one block my curiosity got the best of me. I walked back and asked the man if he was throwing it away. He smiled and said its yours! I lugged this beauty with me the rest of the way and it has found a new home in my living room. Unfortunately it does need a little tlc, the bottom drawer needs to be glued back together, but it is nothing that a little wood glue and clamping can’t fix.

Street Find

The table has two peculiar shaped drawers on the sides, that I absolutely adore.

Street Treasure

Thank you streets of Brooklyn for giving me an early birthday present!


3 responses to “Street Treasures

  1. Oooo… I love streetside finds! I salvaged a pair of art-deco-ish chairs from down the street. Your table is a great find. And I would love to see pictures of your place!

  2. i saw one of these at an antique store today and it was labeled as a sewing table for $190

  3. Anonymous – Mystery solved! After some googling it is indeed an antique sewing table. Thanks!

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