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By the Fire

Now that my whirlwind of a weekend is over I am focusing on some me time. If I could have it my way I’d love to cozy up by a fire every night in my comfiest clothes and softest blanket with my cat by my side and perhaps a good book and glass of wine or tea. Unfortunately I don’t have such a luxury in my NYC apartment but a girl can dream right? I’ve rounded up some of the most coziest firesides that I could see myself spending some quiet time by.


5044f99ddbc2ae9195bf139155d9777dHow is this for modern glam? Via Pinterest


This color is unreal against the fire, pair it with some well worn chairs and that black floor and I canimagine myself right in a photo with a book. Via Bohemian Homes

471ebcd019508425b2f335d7bc6ec14bFireplaces don’t alway have to scream traditional and rustic either. Take for instance the DWR Malm, a sleek midcentury icon.

57fdb2762e33c960297731923327aee8 Navy and ochre is a winning
color scheme by Jeffery Bilhuber


Serene in white Via







Birthdays + Black Crow Studios

e84a9980c794df6aee9c37ae1a3c855dToday is my birthday! After 6pm hits I am headed to the Upper East Side for a pre-cocktail reception for the New York Junior League House Tour. I am so excited to be kicking off this event, I have put countless hours in the past few months and seeing everything come together is so rewarding. Not only that but I’m excited to relax for a bit and sip some wine with all of the lovely ladies on the committee. I’ve made some great friends from volunteering with NYJL and I can’t wait to celebrate our event! After that I am off for a birthday dinner and my father should be arriving in town. Phew, what a day!

I wanted to share this nursery today, I’ve had it on my mind all week since I saw the photos on Tues! The wallpaper is by the lovely Tracy of Black Crow Studios and I am absolutely in LOVE! Copper Gyer Design used the wallpaper in a very untraditional way but it totally works! I love the idea of putting something fun and colorful on a ceiling especially for a nursery, very stimulating especially for baby!



Photos via Apartment Therapy

Black Crow Studios wallpaper is also in the Jamie Drake apartment in Hearst’s Designer Visions Showhouse, I had the opportunity to see it in person on Wed and I couldn’t make it. I am totally kicking myself right now! How gorgeous right?

Have a fabulous weekend!


NY Junior League Fall House Tour

This week is another busy one! I kind of feel like I am in finals week at school with juggling my day job, business, and volunteering! Except I know that there will be no winter or summer break after, bummer! I am celebrating a birthday on Friday and we are kicking off the NY Junior League House Tour that night! Did I also mention that my dad and his wife are in town that weekend? I did say it was quite the busy weekend!

Saturday is the house tour, I am really looking forward to it since this event has been months in the making! I along with my other co-chair extraordinaire have curated a selection of design decorated homes throughout Manhattan for guests to peak into. Along the way are champagne stops and breakfast, lunch, a special gift bag, a post tour cocktail reception AND a silent auction. Phew! This weekend is going to be busy to say the least and I simply can not wait, but first to get through this week! If you are interested in buying a ticket for the tour please click here.




Upper East Side Charm

I’m back in the city after a little weekend away. I spent some time ‘yarding’ aka yard sale-ing which is a new to me word. I think it may become part of my vocabulary! There were definitely treasures to be found in Sag Harbor and I was surprised by the number of yard sales.  I scored a prop for a future photo shoot and some designer fabric remnants to use for inspiration. Although my fabric collection is slightly out of control and I need a new way to organize it (One day hopefully in an actual office!) I couldn’t help myself.

I came across Danielle Armstrong ‘s apartment, a design assistant for the amazing duo Tilton Fenwick and I had to share if you haven’t already seen! Danielle’s 288 square foot apartment is short on square footage but definitely not charm! I initially thought that her kitchen was wallpapered but it is actually a stencil! Another great way to add pattern if you aren’t willing to commit with a wallpaper. Check it out over at House Beautiful.


hbx-blue-patterned-walls-xln 01-hbx-floral-artwork-xln




NYC Nursery Reveal

Its Friday! I don’t know about you but my October has been literally packed to the brim and as the days roll on it only seems to get busier and busier. I’m excited to get away this weekend and escape the city even if its only a weekend and not too far. No long weekend for me unfortunately! I am hopping on the LIRR this evening and spending the weekend in Sag Harbor and the North Fork with a friend and her family. I’m hoping to  maybe pick out a pumpkin or some apples, taste some Long Island wines and check out Greenport. Have you ever been?

Before I start my weekend I wanted to share these photos with you that you sent to me by Amy Pollaci of NYC. Amy is a recent graduate of NYSID and just welcomed her second little one this summer! With all of that happening she somehow had the time to design this beautiful, cozy nursery. I am quite impressed!



I am absolutely loving this crib, the mix of the metal with the canopy is super sleek and stylish!


Amy used our wallpaper Striped in Canary to set the tone and color palette  of the room. It is actually one of our bestsellers!



A big thanks to Amy for sending these photos over, I absolutely love seeing installation shots. If you have Kimberly Lewis Home wallpaper in your home and want to send us a snap email us at

ps- Speaking of nurseries did you see this Project Nursery post?


Fall Fashion: Boots!


1 / 2 / 3 / 4

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of new Fall black boots since probably about August since I knew that my beloved Frye’s had finally kicked the bucket after years of wear and resoling. I knew it was time to say goodbye when the actual leather started to rip and even my trusted cobbler couldn’t fix the damage. I have had my heart set on a pair of Tory Burch boots. I bought a brown pair a few years ago at a secondhand store in Brooklyn for under $100 and they have been my absolute favorite but I couldn’t stomach the the price of a new pair which cost a pretty penny at around $500. I have been scouring ebay and secondhand store but no luck so on a whim I ended up with pair #3 from DSW. I ordered them online and initially thought the heel might be too high but they are super comfy and for a shortie like me (5’3) they give me a little boost of height! Have you purchased any new boots for fall? What are your faves?


Joy is…


I’m not sure if it is the slight change in the air since it has shifted to October or just that a lot of great things been happening or on the horizon but I have been feeling very grateful these days.  Last week despite being sick I got to celebrate with Roxy and friends at her September Social to celebrate the opening of her Manhattan office/showroom. I got to meet so many lovely ladies that I have been dying to meet like or have only met via the internet like Julia of LemonStripes, Loren of Loren Hope and Tamra of Everswoon (which come to find out we have multiple friends in common and actually met years ago,  such a small world right?!?) I left the party inspired to say the absolute least!

I spent the rest of the weekend with other fabulous friends having amazing conversations over dinner and discussing thought provoking lectures and felt quite lucky!  Its easy for the days to go by and forget these things which is why I love the above quote. Sometimes we are surrounded by such amazing things and people but it really takes being mindful and opening our eyes and ears and really being aware of how good things are. Its easy to get stuck in the everyday small problems, I can attest to that.  I’m glad that I can have weeks like this to bring me back to earth and ground me, because things really are going well after all.