Monthly Archives: July 2012

New Pattern + Video!

Today I unveiled a new pattern from the new collection on my Kickstarter page. I also added a new video where I discuss the real reason why I want to make beautiful home decor products. For me personally I know that I consider my apartment to be a sacred space. It is a place to come back after a long days work and unwind and retreat. For me personally, I decorate so that I have a beautiful space to come back to to where I feel at home and surround myself with things that make me happy. I pick out objects that make me smile and make me feel good. I hope that my products will serve the same purpose for you. (And I know they do because I have received lots of emails and calls about people LOVING the products from my first collection)


I invite you to take a peek at my campaign and consider pledging, I have some great rewards that I would love to share! Thanks so much!


Help Kickstart the New Kimberly Lewis Home Collection!

I am gearing up to launch my fall collection! I am doing a Kickstarter Campaign to fund my new products. Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. The money I raise through the campaign I will be using to bring my new products to market. Please click the link below to read and watch my story. I have some great product rewards if you are interested in contributing tothe campaign please check them out as well as two of my new patterns!

Any contribution amount will help reach my final goal, please feel free to share the link with your family and friends and share the campaign on social media!  I appreciate your support and together we
can make this happen!

Thanks so much!