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Wallpaper 101: Pattern Repeat


What is a wallpaper “repeat”?

A wallpaper’s “repeat” determines both how often the pattern repeats itself horizontally. It is technically the vertical distance between where the pattern is identical again and repeats itself. This distance can be very small if the pattern is tiny or it can be the entire width of the wallpaper.  There are a few different types of repeats:

The most common repeat in our collection is a Straight Match. Every panel of wallpaper hung will look exactly the same. The wallpaper will match horizontally creating a pattern sequence. Some wallpapers have a random pattern match, this is the easiest to hang because there is no pattern sequence and the wallpaper can be hung with no waste. Another repeat is called the Drop Match. Every other strip of wallpaper installed will have the same design at the ceiling line and it will form a diagonal pattern sequence instead of horizontal like the straight match.

Here is an image from The Wallpaper Collective that illustrates the difference:




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Wallpaper 101: Finding a Paperhanger


I often get emails asking for a paperhanger recommendations for XY&Z cities and while I don’t have a running list of every paperhanger in the country (or world!) my answer is usually always the same.  I do highly recommend hiring a professional paperhanger when hanging wallpaper. While you could potentially do it yourself hiring a paperhanger will save you a lot of frustration now and down the road especially if you end up installing it wrong. This is an area that you do not want to skimp on. A reputable wallcovering installer will will carefully prepare a comprehensive plan, estimating costs based on material, labor and experience specifications. They will also be able to help you determine how many rolls you will need to order and any questions you may have about the installation.

I always recommend people take a peek at the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers website and find someone that way. All members of this association are craftsmen and women who install wallcovering for their living. It is important to find someone that comes recommended and has a reputation for excellent work. If you are in the NYC are I am more than happy to send over info for reputable paperhangers in the area.