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Back in BK!!

I am back in Brooklyn and all moved into my new apartment, which I LOVE! Unfortunately we do not have our internet connection hooked up, the guy is coming on Thursday. Class starts Monday, here is what my schedule looks like

5:00 – 7:50 Pro Practice and Portfolio

9:30 – 12:20 Literature of Popular Culture
2:00 – 4:50 Science Illustration
6:00 – 8:50 Soft Prototypes


5:00 – 7:50 Solidworks 2 (not officially signed up for this yet)


9:30 – 12:20 Fashion and Modernism
2:00 – 4:50 Space Analysis

Hopefully filling in the empty space with teaching dance and gymnastics classes and finishing my tabletop work!




Wednesday night was the opening of the exhibition of all of the DIS student work! It was wonderful to see everything set up and finally get to sit back and relax and enjoy our work from a far.


Here is my final piece in front of two lovely chairs!


Show at Danmarks Designskole

For those of you who happen to be in Copenhagen on Wednesday or Thursday come check out the DIS Textile, Furniture, Glass and Architecture Show at the Danmarks Designskole. The opening starts at 4, and my final piece along with the rest of my classmates will be on display. If you can’t make it to Denmark, I will be sure to post the dates of when the Pratt in Copenhagen show will be. It is usually sometime in the fall at the Brooklyn campus.

Lisbet Friis


Last Monday my class took a trip to the studio of Lisbet Friis. We took the S tog to the outskirts of Copenhagen and walked quite a ways to small community that George Jensen had his factories along with houses and other amenities for his workers. Today the community is made up of craftspeople and artists who must apply to get a studio and house. The waiting list for the community is out of control and Lisbet mentioned that she put her name on the list right out of college and finally when her three children left the house, got the call that she was selected. The area is extremely picturesque and I felt like I was walking through the set of some fairy tale movie.




Before getting to Lisbet’s studio we stopped at Dyerhaven, which is the royal families hunting grounds. Wild deer were everywhere, I have never seen so many in my life!


Lisbet welcomed up into her studio, and even gave us a little snack afterwards! She explained to us her working process, and we got to get a hands on look at a bunch of her printed textiles. I fell in love with her printed works on paper with tongue in cheek phrases on them. She did a series of them for an exhibition, and will be coming out with english versions soon!



Thanks Lisbet!

I am ridiculously tired, due being on my feet for 12+ hours printing all week, running around helping other people print etc. So I will leave you with this poster that I see everyday at the Design School.

Poster in the hallway at the design school

haha I love it.

I am done!

The last few days have been pretty intense. I was in the first group to start printing and started dying my fabric on Monday after a trip to Lisbet Friis’ studio (check back tomorrow for more on that!)

I started off by choosing my final colors for the piece, and fabric. I chose with a light weight linen. I then started the dying process.

After about an hour of stirring, I realized that something was terribly wrong. My fabric was not supposed to be this light, or PINK!

Oh no...

Malene adjusted the recipe and after lots of stirring and time I ended up with the color that I had in mind.

This is the color I was going for

Here I am checking the time right before adding the acid solution that will stop the dying process. In total I stood and stirred for 2 hours and 30 minutes! My poor hands had blisters afterwards!

Checking the time, I stirred for a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes

Now on to the printing!

About to start the printing process

To make sure that our registration was aligned correctly we this bar and various measurements on the side of the table that corresponded with the size of our screen and the repeat of our pattern. Every measurement must be double checked before printing every single time down to the millimeter or the repeat will not line up correctly.

Printing with Gunhild

Since everything must be extremely accurate and we do not have clamps to hold the screen or bar down everyone was assigned a printing buddy. Ashley double checked all of my measurements and held my screen down through out the entire process. Thanks Ashley!

The hardest part for me was printing the middle!

Awkward printing

After way to many hours I was finally finished with my first color seperation!

Finished with my first color seperation

No process photos exist of printing the second layer since it was getting extremely late. At 4 am I crashed in the laundry room and made myself a makeshift bed out of drop cloths, don’t worry they are clean even though they don’t look it! I woke up at 7:30 to finish my print and put on the finishing details that I was too tired to do before my nap.


I am finally finished! All that is left is the after care.

Finally done!


Like washing and boiling…
Lots of washing

and ironing in this crazy machine!
Ironing my final piece

I will post photos of the completed fabric when it is all hemmed in its entirety.

Tomorrow check back for photos from Lisbet Friis’ studio and the Denmark Designskole fashion show!

I am supposed to start printing my final 3 meter piece tomorrow but I am unsure if this is going to work considering I still do not have screens! This weekend was an absolute disaster. We finally had nice weather and while everyone was out at the beach, I was working inside and everything was going wrong! One good thing was that I figured out all of my colorways and ended up mixing all of my dyes!

choosing colors based on sketchbook

I used the color palettes that I had made while I was in Sweden and Finland as a jumping off point for choosing my swatches.

Swatches and recipes of my colorways

Here are colorways that I will be using in my final piece and small samples. I am printing my final piece in the top colorway, the rest I will show in small samples.

Preparing my dyes

In the kitchen mixing my dyes using the recipes on the back of the swatches.

Colorful Spoons