Not Your Grandmother’s Plaids

Plaid Blog Revised

The term plaid has become synonymous with images of quiet earth tones paired with a base of reds (think Mel Gibson in Braveheart). This age old style of patterning was coincidentally a central trend during Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week, but trust us, these weren’t your grandmother’s plaids. Designers such as Altuzarra, Thakoon, Calla, and Delpozzo displayed plaids that were just as sophisticated as their generation X counterparts, but entirely more fun and youthful. Unapologetically colorful, we can definitely see these trends translating into a rustic meets contemporary interior design scheme.

1. Altuzarra Fall 2014 2. Thakoon Fall 2014 3. Hermes Avalon Blanket 4. Maison Suzanne Gallery French Chair 5. Beverley Wallpaper


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