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stop making excuses

via The EveryGirl

I have lots of ideas but sometimes my own fear leaves me in a stand still. Sometimes its the fear that they won’t turn out as I had expected, or maybe its that people won’t respond how I would have hoped, or that just picking up the pen, the phone, the mouse to get started is daunting in itself. Whatever it is, this fear keeps me small and doesn’t serve anyone really.

Yesterday after work I had an idea on the subway, I knew I wanted to come home after my workout at the gym and work on some patterns for my licensing portfolio but the idea of picking up my tablet again and drawing patterns on the computer (how I usually work and I work from 9-6 Monday-Friday) seemed not like how I wanted to spend my Monday night. The last thing I wanted to do was sit at my computer staring at the screen for more hours. I remembered when I was little I used to carve stamps out of rubber erasers (the closest thing I’ve ever done to hand block printing) I popped into a dollar store before reaching my apartment building and grabbed a pack. Despite having a creative full time job and side business I rarely find myself making things by hand these days which often surprises people. I’m not sure that I would actually use any of the patterns on any real products but it was nice to sit down and just create with nothing particular in mind, something that I do so little of these days. I’d love to incorporate more pattern exploring into my future and I’m already thinking up ideas of ways to break out of my box pattern wise.

Kimberly Lewis HomeSo I challenge you today, how can you step out of your comfort zone today and explore something from a new perspective? It doesn’t’ have to be anything ground breaking! Feel free to share in the comments!





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