All Around the World

wallpaper, mapI hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season. I am getting into the swing of the holidays over here at the KLH HQ and my tiny tree is up as well as my beloved fresh balsam candles are burning every night!

How absolutely stunning s the above wallpaper? It has a very 1920s gilded Gatsby feel to me because of the color palette. When I first saw this Antique world map wallpaper  immediately thought of all of the possibilities for decorating. Something like this would make quite a statement in a living room or could look handsome in a little boys bedroom as well. Sometimes I feel like faux antique products can look cheesy but I love all the details in this one.

wp2 also has an array of various other map wallpaper and I love the Antique Paris map as well. I’m imagining a couch in a statement color, perhaps velvet with lots of gold accents and a plush flokati rug. Tres chic!



This post is not sponsored in any way. I love supporting other wallpaper designers and entrepreneurs and spreading the pattern love!



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