Back to Basics: Tween Bedroom

I had a quiet weekend in and I feel recharged. Its funny because not too long ago I  if I had spent an entire weekend in by myself I would have felt antsy. I used to feel like I had to jump on every opportunity and social activity because this is NYC after all  if you weren’t out and about every weekend you were missing out. Instead my weekend consisted of yoga classes, farmers markets, baking, cooking and getting caught up business wise and around my apartment. I am feeling great about my calm weekend in. Mostly because I know that once Monday hits it will be a whirlwind again and I cherish those weekends to myself! 😉

I can’t remember how I came across the below photos but I thought I’d share. I feel like a lot of what I write about is quite feminine but this room really caught my eye. I love the preppy collegiate feel to it. I also like that is put together but it seems quite livable to me. Sometimes I see children and teen rooms and they scream Do Not Touch! While it seems staged for the photos the design doesn’t seem fussy and I could imagine a pile of dirty clothes hanging out right by the foot of the bed and I’m totally ok with it. The designer is Sarah Richardson who seems to be a HGTV superstar. (I have to admit that I don’t watch HGTV or much tv at all so her name was new to me!) But it seems like I was missing out because Sarah is also launching a new line with Kravet this fall! On to the photos!

2011-1202 SARAH 29341

I am loving this built in headboard look with the beadbord. I normally wouldn’t go for a look like this but it really flows with this space and adds a masculine touch.

2011-1202 SARAH 29369

Of course I absolutely ADORE the Kravet wallpaper.

2011-1202 SARAH 29287The room reads polished but still cozy and livable. I can actually imagine a tween boy calling this space home!


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