By the Fire

Now that my whirlwind of a weekend is over I am focusing on some me time. If I could have it my way I’d love to cozy up by a fire every night in my comfiest clothes and softest blanket with my cat by my side and perhaps a good book and glass of wine or tea. Unfortunately I don’t have such a luxury in my NYC apartment but a girl can dream right? I’ve rounded up some of the most coziest firesides that I could see myself spending some quiet time by.


5044f99ddbc2ae9195bf139155d9777dHow is this for modern glam? Via Pinterest


This color is unreal against the fire, pair it with some well worn chairs and that black floor and I canimagine myself right in a photo with a book. Via Bohemian Homes

471ebcd019508425b2f335d7bc6ec14bFireplaces don’t alway have to scream traditional and rustic either. Take for instance the DWR Malm, a sleek midcentury icon.

57fdb2762e33c960297731923327aee8 Navy and ochre is a winning
color scheme by Jeffery Bilhuber


Serene in white Via







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