Upper East Side Charm

I’m back in the city after a little weekend away. I spent some time ‘yarding’ aka yard sale-ing which is a new to me word. I think it may become part of my vocabulary! There were definitely treasures to be found in Sag Harbor and I was surprised by the number of yard sales.  I scored a prop for a future photo shoot and some designer fabric remnants to use for inspiration. Although my fabric collection is slightly out of control and I need a new way to organize it (One day hopefully in an actual office!) I couldn’t help myself.

I came across Danielle Armstrong ‘s apartment, a design assistant for the amazing duo Tilton Fenwick and I had to share if you haven’t already seen! Danielle’s 288 square foot apartment is short on square footage but definitely not charm! I initially thought that her kitchen was wallpapered but it is actually a stencil! Another great way to add pattern if you aren’t willing to commit with a wallpaper. Check it out over at House Beautiful.


hbx-blue-patterned-walls-xln 01-hbx-floral-artwork-xln





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