Joy is…


I’m not sure if it is the slight change in the air since it has shifted to October or just that a lot of great things been happening or on the horizon but I have been feeling very grateful these days.  Last week despite being sick I got to celebrate with Roxy and friends at her September Social to celebrate the opening of her Manhattan office/showroom. I got to meet so many lovely ladies that I have been dying to meet like or have only met via the internet like Julia of LemonStripes, Loren of Loren Hope and Tamra of Everswoon (which come to find out we have multiple friends in common and actually met years ago,  such a small world right?!?) I left the party inspired to say the absolute least!

I spent the rest of the weekend with other fabulous friends having amazing conversations over dinner and discussing thought provoking lectures and felt quite lucky!  Its easy for the days to go by and forget these things which is why I love the above quote. Sometimes we are surrounded by such amazing things and people but it really takes being mindful and opening our eyes and ears and really being aware of how good things are. Its easy to get stuck in the everyday small problems, I can attest to that.  I’m glad that I can have weeks like this to bring me back to earth and ground me, because things really are going well after all.



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