Friday Five

Amagansett Afternoon

Thank god for short weeks! I found myself in the Hamptons again for part of the long weekend and the photo above was from a party that I attended. How gorgeous right? I didn’t have a post planned for today but I thought it would be fun to include 5 fun facts about me. I’ll post another five next Friday!

  1. I wear a lot of hats,  sometimes too many. Besides running KLH I also have a design day job. I’ve recently found myself working in the print and pattern side of fashion and I am loving it!
  2. My original business plan did not include just traditional wallpaper, I originally wanted to print on a different substrate and I’m still determined to make it happen.  Stay tuned…
  3.  I am a New England girl at heart despite living in NYC. I consider both NH and South Shore Massachusetts home. I was born in Boston, raised mostly in Southern NH and have been living in Brooklyn for 9 years now.
  4. I’m a volunteer with the New York Junior League and I help organize the bi-annual House Tour and find all those pretty homes that end up on it. We are getting ready for our Fall tour on Oct 26th! (The day after my birthday!)
  5. I went to Catholic school for 13 years. That is a lot of plaid uniforms! Growing up I always wanted to go to public school and ride a school bus but I have so many great memories that I truly cherish from my time there.

 Hope you have a great weekend!




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