Girls Weekend Hamptons Style

I jaunted off to the Hampton’s a few weekends ago with my friend Meredith for a girls weekend away, we left Meredith’s husband at home! This was a strictly girls only trip, one of my favorites! In the past I have sometimes found it hard to travel with friends but our travel style seems to click well together. We had a loose schedule of what we wanted to do, and when I mean loose I mean I put together a list the day before and then we discussed it on the drive over. Sometimes its nice to let go of the schedule and just enjoy the moment which was what I we set out to do. Luckily we both had the same things in mind, beach, shopping and wine being the three most important!

photo 4

Nothing says summer like a farm stand! We stopped by this one to pick up some fruits and veggies and indulged in some amazing roast corn. Yum!

photo 3-2On Saturday morning we saw a sign for an estate sale that took us down a winding road. We never did discover the estate sale but came across the Hamptons Designer Showhouse instead. Talk about a lucky accident! This zen like porch was one of my favorites. More photos on this later! 🙂

photo 2-3My friend Erica clued me in that we had to stop by Wolfer Estates and taste the rose. We sipped on wine and listened to live music as the sun set on Saturday night and it was quite literally perfect!

photo 4-2

We had absolute perfect beach weather on Sunday and hit up Main Beach in East Hampton before saying good bye. Did you know that it is ranked #1 in the country? I must say that I agree, it is the nicest beach I think I have ever been to in the US

photo 1-2

Before we left we had lunch in Sag Harbor and noshed on some more delish seafood. It was hard to say good bye but I’m already scheming on how to get back asap




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