Designer Secrets: Upholstered Walls

Designer Secrets


There is nothing that I love more than an upholstered wall with beautiful nailhead trim, it literally makes my heart sing. There is something about the orderliness of all. The trim lined up in a perfect row with the combination of the texture of the upholstery. It seems so luxe and a bit over the top. I love the attention to detail. Besides being droolworthy upholstered walls also have a practicality to them such as buffering sound and creating a cozy nest like environment.

I love it all! I’ll even take the dog!

I love how this banquette and upholstered wall is seamlessly tied together to make quite the statement!

Using the same idea as above these upholstered walls serve as a headboard and really bring the room to new heights

Cozy and comfy are the key words here in this bedroom


Sometimes being too matchy-matchy makes me cringe but this photo is making me think otherwise




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