Designer Secrets: Wallpaper as Art

Designer Secrets

Perhaps this isn’t quite a secret but wallpaper does not have to be limited to walls!  Even if you do have an amazing art collection framing a piece of wallpaper can elevate a room and add a dose of color and pattern. Best of all you don’t have to commit to one pattern.

or color way, the sky is the limit!


I have pieces of my own wallpaper framed in my apartment in funky frames that I’ve found at thrift stores and stoop sales. Check out the rest of my Brooklyn apartment here.

Mix and match patterns, throw in some fun vintage frames and you’ve got yourself some easy art!

I love the idea of using the same pattern but in two different colorways as a pair!

Julia of Pawley’s Island Posh (who is also on my daily reads list and I’d secretly like to meet!) framed a sample of Sierra in Cadmium in her previous house for a pop of pattern!

Even if you do have wallpaper there are no rules when it comes to layering pattern!




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