Finding the Quiet City

Finding the Quiet City

When I have people first visit me of the first questions they always ask is ‘How can you live here? It seems so busy and noisey!’  I thought it was interesting when I stumbled upon this infographic on the NYTimes website called Finding the Quiet City The map shows 761 ‘pockets of piece’ that are reader submitted. I have to remind them that I for one don’t live in the middle of times square and I am definitely far far away from the busy streets of midtown when it comes to my home.

For me personally my pocket of peace is my neighborhood, Ditmas Park. It is a quiet residential neighborhood in Brooklyn with Victorian lined streets. A rarity for a city like NY. I like to jog up and down the streets filled with free standing houses and watch the neighborhood kids play in their front yards or sidewalks or perhaps I will even catch a glimpse behind a backyard fence. It is definitely greener than other neighborhoods in Brooklyn and I often find myself stopping to sniff different sorts of fragrant floral bushes. To me this is my pocket of piece and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was kind of surprised that none of those 761 people noted my neighborhood but maybe its for the best and I will keep it my little secret. 🙂




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