Fourth of July in New England

Although I love the city sometimes I find myself dreaming of quieter surroundings. I was lucky to be able to go home to Massachusetts for a long weekend during the 4th of July and it was much needed! My father lives outside of Worcester, Ma. I grew up inSouthern NH so where he lives is still very unfamiliar territory to me. He has only been living there about a year and the past few times I have gone home I hadn’t left the house much but this time I tried to get a bit of exploring done. I spent the 4th in Newport, RI with my father and his wife. I hadn’t been since I was a child and we took in the beautiful views and of course the mansions. To top it off we had a delicious seafood dinner and then headed back home, a perfect day trip!



I had a trip to the beach on my wish list and I checked that off AND a quick trip to to a nearby lake. Both the private beach that I went to and lake were so peaceful and tranquil. By the end of the trip I was already dreaming about owning a piece of property next to a waterfront. When I was there I felt my worries literally float away.





My dad had mentioned a car show that was going on nearby in Worcester. To my surprise I found myself having a lot more fun than I had anticipated. My dad seemed to be an encylopedia of car information and I found myself drawn towards the small design details. Despite the sticky weather it ended up being a fun morning before my dad had to jaunt off to a wedding.


One of my favorite things to do when back in New England is thrifting and hitting up the local flea markets. I ended up at a local flea market and antiques mal a few towns over from my dads and despite it being a bit tinier than I was expecting picked up a few treasures. Flea markets in NYC are too curated and expensive for my taste. (Sorry NYC!) I much more enjoy the hunt of it all and sifting through the stalls that seem to have nothing worthwhile in them only to discover a hidden treasure. Give me New England flea markets anyday! We rounded out the weekend with a trip to the drive-in on Saturday night. Nothing says small town to me like packing the car and the snacks when the sun starts to set. On Sunday night it was back to the hustle and bustle of the city, and despite how I often insist that I am a city girl I’m already secretly planning my next trip back!




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