And I’m back!

Even though Nemo didn’t drop 3 feet of snow on NYC but that didn’t mean that I was in full blown blizzard hibernation mode. I must confess though that I was a bit jealous seeing my sister who lives in Bostons photos on Facebook of all the snow. I am a New England girl at heart you know!

What I did get done this weekend was finishing Season 3 of Downton Abbey (obsessed!), squeezing in a bikram yoga class (love the heat!), and doing a few diy’s here and there on my apartment. I’ve honestly been a bit hesitant to share my apartment redecorating on my blog because its definitely on the smaller scale but I will be sharing some photos over the next few weeks. Here is a little sneak peek of some small things that I accomplished this weekend.



I snagged two Kravet sofas upholstered in Brunschwig & Fils fabric at the end of December on Craigslist, they were an absolute steal! I was originally saving my pennies for a new couch but after some late night craigslist searching I found these and for both the sofa and loveseat it was about 1/3 of the price for the couch I was eyeing.  In the original craigslist posting they didn’t look quite as yellow and when I got there to see them I was a little on the fence. I’m not usually a yellow type of girl but I’m really loving the color now.


While watching Downton Abbey on Sat I decided to pull out my staple gun and reupholster three of my chairs. I got the fabric from when I was freelancing at Dwellstudio during an office clean up, I’m actually not sure if this pattern ever got produced but I do love it! I reupholstered this desk chair as well as two of my dining chairs in it.

For more sneak peeks make sure to follow me on Instagram!


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