New Pattern + Video!

Today I unveiled a new pattern from the new collection on my Kickstarter page. I also added a new video where I discuss the real reason why I want to make beautiful home decor products. For me personally I know that I consider my apartment to be a sacred space. It is a place to come back after a long days work and unwind and retreat. For me personally, I decorate so that I have a beautiful space to come back to to where I feel at home and surround myself with things that make me happy. I pick out objects that make me smile and make me feel good. I hope that my products will serve the same purpose for you. (And I know they do because I have received lots of emails and calls about people LOVING the products from my first collection)


I invite you to take a peek at my campaign and consider pledging, I have some great rewards that I would love to share! Thanks so much!


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