Kimberly Lewis Home for The Jewish Museum

When The Jewish Museum approached me to design custom trays for the their upcoming exhibit Edouard Vuillard: A Painter and His Muses I was absolutely floored and honored! The whole process was amazing from start to finish. I got a sneak peek into the exhibit at the beginning of the year and what paintings were going to be on display. Vuillard is known for his decorative murals and his paintings often show a person’s lifestyle through interior backgrounds and objects so this was a perfect match. 

After working up some patterns and working with the Stacey, the buyer at the museum gift store we narrowed it down to the above pattern which is based off Vuillard’s Painting Mme Tristan Bernard. The pattern was inspired by the fanciful interior backgrounds of Vuillard’s paintings.   I took inspiration from the paintings rich palette as well as the lattice work in the background.

If you want to check out the actual painting that I was inspired by check out the exhibit in NYC at The Jewish Museum and while you are at it pop over into the gift store to see our custom trays as well as fabric that is available in the store and can be seen in the window displays.



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