Palm Springs Post #4 The Parker

After lunch on Day #2 I hopped in my rental car and drove around exploring the neighborhoods and taking in the architecture. I had read that The Estate Sale Company was a place that I couldn’t miss and boy were they right! I was in absolute heaven! The store spans an entire block on Highway 111 and I only wish that I could have transported a truckload of furniture back to my apartment in Brooklyn! I didn’t take any photos because I was too busy oogling everything but if you are in the area you must stop!  After that I hopped across the street to The Parker which boasts interiors by Jonathan Adler.

Even though I had practically just eaten lunch I somehow found myself at Norma’s. I ordered a smoothie and drank it inside because I still hadn’t gotten used to the 110 degree weather.

Right away when you stepped into the lobby and past the front desk you were transported to Jonathan Adler world. I’m not complaining though

I’ve been on a citrus brights kick lately and this wall hanging caught my eye

This fireplace along with the wood paneled ceilings made this room feel  so cozy


A peek into the grounds.  I poked around and loved all of the semi private areas like the above fire pit and hammocks.  The Parker felt more like a desert oasis to me than a hotel.  I could totally see myself coming here and not even leaving the premise!


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