BITT : Getting Your Work Published & Recognized in the Industry



Photos Via: BITTT

I had the pleasure of last week attending an event that was hosted by BITTT it was hosted at the lovely Artistic Tile showroom and the topic of the night was “Getting Your Work Published & Recognized in the Industry” BITTT organized a fantastic panel featuring Helene Oberman Managing Editor of Interior Design Magazine , photographer Adrian Wilson, interior designer and an expert commentator Libby Langdon , Carolyn Sollis of Editor at Large and House Beautiful.

This was my first BITTT event and I will definitely be attending more in the future.  The panel candidly talked about the process of submitting projects and products to magazines as well as blogs and the hot topic of exclusivity came up. A big thing that I took away was to keep the juicy interior projects underwraps. What does that mean? Editors don’t want to have the projects that you are pitching already on your website or blog or in another magazine.

I know that this has been a hot topic lately.  What do you think? Have you had experience dealing with this? Would love to hear!


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