Weekly Reflections

I’ve been in a kind of blogging slump but yet awesome things are happening and going on around me so I’ve decided to start a new Sunday column highlighting some of the things that is going on with myself as well as my company.

1) I finally had the chance to eat a Red Hook Lobster Pound lobster roll (Maine style please!) I’m a born and raised New England girl so this definitely made my day! YUM!

2) Is it just me or is Zara sooo good these days? I’ve probably been spending a bit too much time in the one near my office and my last purchase was this Pique blazer. I’m officially banning myself until further notice!

3) I had some friends over my apartment on Saturday night and made some Sangria. My recipe often varies on whatever I feel like adding but this time it looked a little something like this one. I was so into all the prep and then people stared arriving that I totally forgot to take photos! Oh well, there will always be a next time!

4) I replaced some of my Ikea chairs that were only supposed to be temporary with some Thonet look a likes! They need to be reupholstered and I’m thinking of maybe refinishing them.  I keep going back to this image that I pinned that is from DesignSponge.  Thonet chairs painted in a poppy color make me swoon!

5) I’ve been busy working on sample books. I was really struggling with how I wanted to present my wallpaper in store but I think that today that I came up with a solution.  Aren’t the above binders gorgeous colors? If you are interested in wholesaling with me shoot me an email! Taking on new wholesale accounts now!


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