Happy Mothers Day! Remembering my Mother


Happy Mothers day! The above photo is my mother and I from 1985.  Check out that wallpaper behind us. I sadly don’t have any recollection of this house since I only lived there until I was 2.

I debated sharing this because I am usually a very private person. This is my 5th Mothers Day without my mother. To remember my her today I bought a bouquet of purple hyacinths.  She was a huge gardener and every summer our property in New Hampshire would be blooming with all sorts of flowers as well as vegetables.

You may or may not have noticed that in my bio on my website I pay a small homage to her. She was always supportive of my artistic endeavors from a young age until her death when I was in college studying at Pratt. She filled my young mind with ideas of growing up and becoming a designer and often joked around that I would grow up to design wallpaper for Laura Ashley. I can only image how proud she would be today. My bio on my site reads:

Growing up, Kimberly’s mother predicted that one day she would design
wallpaper for Laura Ashley. Kimberly likes to think that she is even happier with  this outcome.

In honor of Mother’s Day I would like to give a gift to my blog readers of 15% off all of my wallpaper and wallpaper samples on Kimberly Lewis Home. Please enter the code ‘Blog’ at the checkout.  This code will be valid for one week.

Happy Mothers Days to all!


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