Happy 75th Birthday Lucite!

Every designer will tell you: Just one piece of clear acrylic furniture will shake up any room in any style. It’s the one-piece makeover…

– Orli Ben-Dor (House Beautiful

The Famed Domino Magazine lucite table from This Paris Apartment

Did you know that this year is Lucite’s 75th Birthday? Its true! Core77 says:

First brought to market as Plexiglas in 1933, the synthetic polymer will turn 75 in just a few months. To celebrate, Lucite International and Material ConneXion are holding a Lucite exhibition in NYC this Spring.

Lucite will showcase the winning prototypes from its Carry Me! handbag design competition along with a rare collection of vintage handbags that inspired the competition. The exhibit will also include a series of current product applications, which demonstrate the versatility of Lucite® and its use in a wide range of industries — from architecture and furnishings to industrial design and retail merchandising.

I’ve been on a lucite kick recently. I’ve always liked the look but never owned any. It all started when I found a pair of lucite lamps at my local goodwill and my obsession of acquiring a lucite piece of furniture spun out of control.  I’ve been searching for the perfect coffee table and everything I was finding and liking seemed too big and visually heavy. I remembered seeing the CB2 Peekaboo nesting tables and I knew that I had to get them. I always check craigslist first before buying certain things full price and it just so happened that someone was selling their cb2 nesting tables that were only 3 months old and in perfect condition for a deal. Perfect! Of course I snagged them and they now live in my living room (see here)

I think that my lucite buying spree is over for the timebeing but I’m still on the lookout for inspiring interiors that incorporate it. I think that it should be used sparingly and can work with a variety of different furniture styles and textures.

Lucite + Fur? Yes Please! (image via Dirty Hems)

Image via Pinterest Source unknown 😦

In a more traditional setting Image via Pinterest Can anyone tell me who design this space? Would love to know!

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