Busy Bee

All has been quiet on the blog but this is not the case over at Casa Kimberly Lewis. I am slowly but steadily checking things off of my to-do list. Timing is a bit tight with the show coming up May 14th but so far it looks like I am on track.  I have been planning a photo shoot and spent today after work concepting some shots. I am also working on the website, ICFF booth design, and well if I showed you my entire to do list you would probably gasp in horror!  I have to wear all of the hats around here and it can be challenging juggling them and a fulltime job but I am somehow making it work!

The above photo shows the four patterns that I will be in my booth at ICFF. Each comes in two colorways each.  Stay tuned over at KimberlyLewisHome.com for more info and the other colorways! 😉

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