Re Looking at Braided Rugs

Lulu de Kwiatkowski’s New York apartment featured in Domino Magazine via Apartment Therapy

I’ve had the above photo saved to my computer and I must say that braided rugs are growing on me.  Maybe it is for nostalgic reasons? I grew up in a house full of braided rugs, LL Bean to be specific but I think that is what happens when you grow up in a typical country New England home. I abhorred them when I was little.  Did I mention that my mother had a kitchen full of geese wallpaper and braided rugs? The horror!

I never though of them to be glamorous but the next photo makes me think that perhaps we should re look the braided rug with an open mind and strip it of its stereotypes. I could also see these kinds of rugs working in really fun high chroma colors against stark minimalistic interiors.  Call me crazy!

Photo of custom rag rug made for Diamond Baratta Design via Apartment Therapy

I love how oversized the above rug is, I would switch out the chairs since tbut it is sort of comfy-cozy meets glamorous with those high ceilings/molding/ and table combo.


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