Kendall Wilkinson

Earlier today, the lovely and hilariously funny Jenny of MFAMB posted a photo on her blog that led to to the website of Kendall Wilkinson who was the interior designer. Here is a different view of the room that Jenny posted.

My question is, did the designer find the chairs and paint the room in the same hue or was it the other way around?  This particular room was definitely over the top and not everyones taste, although I must admit that I love the color scheme and think that the window treatments are kind of fun.

Kendall Wilkinson also has done some other interiors which aren’t so bold. I love the soft pastels in this room and the bold oversized contrasting artwork. Not to mention that ceiling!

Here is another room with a fabulous eye popping color palette. At first glance I thought that the chairs were more of a true red and was horrified because the thought of red and yellow always conjures up images of the golden arches. Kendall hit the nail on the head by making them and the accents more pink and popping the color out with the white trim and neutral elements like the rug, blinds and couch.

All photos via Kendall Wilkinson


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