Brooklyn Winery

I have a confession to make.  I went to the Brooklyn Winery two times last week, yes two! I mean I couldn’t help myself just look at the photos below! The first time I attended their ‘Basics of Wine’ class and liked the space, people, and atmosphere so much that I brought two friends along for some girl talk later in the week.

The space was done by WRK Design and according to the BK Winery’s blog they wanted to achieve a “midcentury industrial” feel.  I think that they nailed it on the head but I would also add ‘cozy’ onto the end of that.  When I stepped in I felt relaxed, the atmosphere is not stuffy or pretentious and the people who work there are nothing but nice and accommodating if you have lots of wine questions like myself.

I feel like this space is just BEGGING for some fabulous events to happen here. (perhaps they have and I just wasn’t invited?) I will definitely be back and would highly recommend it for a date, night out with the girls, or even a place to bring the out of towners. Did I mention that you can make your own wine as well? Check out their website at Brooklyn Winery for more details!

Brooklyn Winery
213 N 8th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211

(all photos via Brooklyn Winery)


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