Friday I am in Love

T-Shirt via Urban Outfitters UK

It is Friday, which means a long weekend for me and I hope you too! I thought I would leave you with a list of things that have been inspiring me/on my mind/going on with me before the weekend

India Block Printing -Beautiful video from West Elm

I was reminiscing earlier today about this blog post! Can I relive this again? – This is one of my favorite blog entries and why  I originally started this blog, to document my summer abroad studying textile design in Copenhagen. Thought I’d share for those who have perhaps just started reading.

On my weekend to do list is check out the Brooklyn Winery

I am featured in my High School alumni magazine in the art & design issue highlighting successfull alumni, my father scanned it here

You can buy a makeup bag and packaging that I worked on at a Bloomingdale’s counter near you!

Thinking of throwing a little soiree at my apartment soon and getting inspired by this Mrs. Lilien post (whom I adore!) I think that infusing some simple syrup might be in order!

Happy Weekend! See you on Monday!


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