Holidays in NYC

Another Normal

Another Normal

(photos: Rudy Pospisil)

I took a little break from my work over Thanksgiving and spent some time with my family and friends in Massachusetts (and New Hampshire) where I am originally from.  It was a much needed break but Monday I jumped right back into the swing of things at my job and working on wallpaper at night! Things are happening and patterns are getting approved and screens are getting made and prepped to do my first run of wallpaper! The next few months are going to be very exciting!

Besides work I am anticipating the upcoming holiday season.  I have been snapping a few photos here and there of some of the Holiday decorations around my workand sharing them on my twitter account (which if you aren’t following by now you should!) I work across the street from Bergdorf’s on 5th Ave and I am constantly ooh-ing and aah-ing over therir windows but the Holiday season is always the icing on the cake.  One of my old coworkers Rudy who I worked with when I first started working at Clinique (and miss dearly!) has a blog called Another Normal The Art of Windows where he posts photos of all the amazing windows that NYC has to offer.  If you can’t visit them in person this might just be the next best thing! Or even if you do live in NYC you should still check it out because 1) he is quite the photographer! 2) you can view the windows without the crowds and 3) they are a wealth of inspiration! It looks as though Rudy is gearing up for Holiday 10 and I’m excited to see the storefronts from his perspective. Be sure to check out Rudy’s blog and his portfolio.


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