On Saturday I volunteered at TedxBrooklyn.  While I did not get to see the majority of the conference. I was really crossing my fingers to see Swoon speak, which I unfortunately missed. I did get to sneak in to  TED Fellow Mitchell Joachi who was a fantastic! I helped out with some behind the scenes things and helped those attending the conference find their way around the campus, which btw looks beautiful! I only graduated two years ago but it looks a million times better than it did when I was a student with the trees grown in on the main lawn and security guards driving around on segways! Who would have thought?

Besides the actual Ted conference there was an educational/interactive area called TEDxBrooklyn Labs where companies and artists set up shop that shared  the ethos of the TEDx brand  and theme. The labs ranged from an exhibit of work from Devotion Gallery, a table promoting  Fast Society , a social networking app that lets combines group Texting, instant Conference Calls and location sharing to the design consultancy The Way We see the World (who I immediately recognized from their Jellowares!) and others.

Overall it was a great day and fantastic for networking. I met a lot of amazing people who attended the conference after at the cocktail party and those who volunteered with me throughout the day. Everyone had such a fantastic energy and story to them that  it really inspired me to go back home and work on my projects. I hope that I get to attend a Ted or Tedx event some other time in its entirety!


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