LL Bean?

I was at a Birthday party this weekend and my friend Ana showed up  with a super cute bag.  When someone asked where she got it from she said  LL Bean!! Being a New Englander I grew up going to LL Bean on a regular basis with my parents. Sometimes my dad would even bring us up at odd times in the night to the huge one open 24 hours in Maine.

I remember wearing LL Bean rainboots, hideous snow coats (mine was turquoise! blecck), and the classic backpack that everyone had with their initials (confession-it may be hanging out in my closet in Brooklyn right now actually).  Mostly not so great memories. I was surprised to go to the website and see that they have a new line called LL Bean Signature Line.  It looks like it is tailored to a younger demographic, maybe a bit hipper but s

Picture 4

I’m really liking this tweed skirt, actually I could probably see myself wearing this whole outfit.

Picture 5
I’ve actually wanted the classic LL Bean Duck boot I love these even more than the original because they have leather on the top.  My style is usually pretty girly so I’m not sure if I could pull them off but I could totally see them with some brightly colored tights.
Picture 6
This is the purse that my friend had, cute right?

Picture 7

Pretty classic, I can totally see myself throwing this over my shoulder for some weekend trip upstate or to NH.

Picture 8

I can’t decide what I like the most in this photo. The beautiful green bike?  that tartan tie/raisin-y shirt combo? or that beautiful new england man?


2 responses to “LL Bean?

  1. I LOVE those boots, and definitely need a winter replacement soon…

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