Sampling Process + Creative Mission

I thought that I should share a bit about my current project.   I am currently working on a line of wallcoverings made out an old material with a new twist. The other day I sent my first sample pattern into the vendor so that they can start printing on the material with different backings.  This is an entirely new process not just for me but the manufacturer themselves.  We are both really excited because we are currently developing a product that I have not seen on the market.  I am anxiously awaiting to hear back to see how the process is going.

I wrote up a business plan a few months ago and here are some points from my creative mission

Develop modern, colorful, playful patterns that bring something new to the market in lieu of traditional wallpaper

Be conscientious when I design my products and keep sustainability in mind.

-Aid in sustaining the rapidly decreasing cork industry.

Seek out and maintain good relationships with manufacturers.

-Outsource all production.

-Produce a new line of wall coverings, products every spring, beginning with the debut in 2011 (in time for ICFF and Brooklyn Designs).


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