Andy’s ID Alum Blog + A Trip back to Pratt

I am super excited to be featured on Andy’s ID Alum which is the blog of my former professor at Pratt Andy Roberto. Andy was one of my sophomore studio professors at Pratt while I was studying industrial design.

I have very fond memories of his studio where I pushed my imagination to the edge and came up with some pretty crazy conceptual thought provoking products. Andy’s class taught me to delve deep into my imagination, not to wait until 4am before your crit to spray your model because your spray gun will not work and you will run out of paint, the power of the design process and ideations, and to make products out of fairy dust!

I took out my old hard drive and dug out some photos from my Fall 2005 studio for nostalgia sake!

Soph Year Crit

My first ever industrial design crit at Pratt, and rocking the red hair!

Andy Roberto with my marble mover

Here is Andy checking out my product, what is it you ask?
My laboratory

Well its an toy made out of ice, a marble mover of course!

Marble Mover
Btw, because of this project, I ended up breaking our dorm room fridge that is behind me. Twice.


2 responses to “Andy’s ID Alum Blog + A Trip back to Pratt

  1. oh kim, those fridges deserved to die.

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