Lost Color

I went to a lecture on color trends a few years ago and I remember laughing to myself when the presenter went on and on about a color that she saw on the street and how she couldn’t locate it anywhere else for the longest time.  I remember thinking to myself how odd that she couldn’t find it. She described it in great detail with great drama involving grand hand gestures but it was in no pantone book, no store, no magazines. I didn’t really understand until it happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

On my lunch break the other week I saw a girl crossing Park Ave with the most amazing vibrant red  sweater that was not too tomato red but not too orange. I thought about asking her where she got it but by the time I summoned up the courage of asking a silly question she turned the corner and was gone. The color has been stuck in my head ever since.

I just had the pleasure of opening MY first completely new Pantone book.  We did a bit of a spring cleaning in my office the other week and I inherited 3 old Pantone books and my boss was gracious enough to give me an unwrapped Pantone Solid Chips Uncoated book. I work with the Pantone system a lot and have opened new books at the office but have never had the chance to open a new one that is for me and me only. I immediately tried to find the Park Ave red sweater color in my new books.  No such luck. The closest I can come is Pantone 485 C which is of course going to look different on every single screen.

But its too red, not enough orange, too much black.  I may have to just paint it myself because I haven’t come across it since and I think that I finally understand what woman was talking about.


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