Lists of things to do/accomplish/check off/see/finish in the next week-ish

-Work field trip tomorrow! Seeing Objectified with all of the Clinique creative packaging team with perhaps lunch afterwards…
– Hopefully make a quick stop at the Pratt show after work tomorrow
AT Offline: John Christakos from Blu Dot at Blu Dot Showroom on Thursday
– finally cracked open my sketchbook from London tonight, finish scanning in drawings that have the potential to turn into patterns
– scan and start to live trace/play with 1920s wallpaper samples that I bought at Portobello Market in London
– figure out/rsvp/plan which parties and exhibits I want to check out for design week
– go to above parties during design week, bring lots of business cards
– trade shows trades shows trade shows! ICFF (of course), Surtex, National Stationary Show and Luxe Pack
– meeting with some Design Dames + Babes to discuss future volunteer opportunities
– BBQ in Prospect Park?
– a very belated Cinco de Mayo celebration with the girls at our monthly baking night
– start writing written part of competition that I want to enter, deadlines are looming!
– go to work plus all the other everyday things!


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