Happy New Year!

My new years eve festivities included:

+drinking homemade wine and blueberry port with Aimee in her apartment
+dancing to drummers at a gallery in prospect heights
+ringing in the new year at a house party in Kensington

Nothing too crazy. I have been enjoying me 5 day weekend, and it is not even over! Then it is back to 5 day work weeks!

Looking back I accomplished a lot in 2008 and I hope that I continue to do the same in 2009.

+ Put together my portfolio, which was exhausting!
+ took my first road trip with Aimee, her dog and two cats
+ put on an off campus show with my Sr studio
+ graduated college
+ sold my handmade pillows at Renegade and the Brooklyn Flea
+ got to teach gymnastics to many many children in Prospect Park
+ freelanced at Macys
+ saw my first mass produced product that I worked on at Macys in store!
+ Got a full time job at Clinique
+ gained financial independence!
+ tons more wonderful things that I can’t think of!

Happy New Year!


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