I was thrifting the the other week and came across an American Apparel romper, just like the one above but in rust. It was my size, $3 and I thought ehhhh.. I can wear it around my apt, really like the color and maybe use it as a costume for something and threw it in my basket. I went home and threw it in my laundry pile and re-discovered it the other day while folding my clothes and I have been wearing it non stop for the past few days. I haven’t left the house in it, more just lounging clothes but I have now been scouring the internet looking for the perfect one that I can wear and actually leave my apt in. I have been lusting over a few on shopbop.

If I had $350 lying around I would buy this in a heartbeat. So perfect.

Elizabeth and James Summer Romper


Johnson Doty Romper

I am drooling over the back detail on this one.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Aster Double Knit Romper

Let’s go to the park and have a picnic. Any takers?

So rompers? love them? hate them? discuss.


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  1. Love these looks! Amazing how you can find the same look thrifting…but I too would buy the Elizabeth & James romper….the color is perfect!

  2. that’s funny, i found a rust(?) dark reddish color romper at beacons and almost got it, but figured i’d never wear it out and it was a waste of money, but they can be cute!

  3. Love the color and fit of the Elizabeth & James romper… and love, love, love, the Johnson Doty Romper. Before reading this post I honestly would never of thought of wearing a romper. But I LOVE these and will now be on the look out for one… a less expensive version of course ;)Great find on the AA romper!

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