Odds and ends

The countdown to graduation/Pratt show/studio show has begun and things have gotten a little bit crazy so over the weekend I did a bit of spring cleaning to calm my nerves. Cleaning and organizing has an oddly soothing effect on me and clears my mind. While I was at it I snapped some photos of my current projects and some of my flea market finds from Alabama that I haven’t shown yet.

Collinsville Alabama Flea Market Find

I found these at the Collinsville, Alabama flea market all 4 for $1! I’ve been using them ever since it has gotten a little warmer since they seem like such summery glasses to me.

Collinsville Alabama Flea Market Find

All of my plates have been breaking and chipping on me, I don’t like them very much anyways so I was excited to replace some of them with these, I got 2 for 50 cents!

So many pillows!

I have been churning out pillow prototypes. The three on the left are the best of the bunch so far, the two on the right are the usual throw pillows.


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