Screen printing!

I have been itching to do some printing ever since I got back from Denmark in August and I think that the time has finally arrived!! I am working on various patterns that I am going to be using for pillows that I am working on in my studio. I have been doing the research to prepare and it is very daunting! Space is an issue here in Brooklyn, as is the fact that I don’t have access to the wonderful kitchen that I had in denmark full of huge sinks, oversized boilers, a steamer and an ironing machine! I have ideas for printing large quantities of fabric and turning them into lovely pillows but I am not so sure if my ideas are a bit too lofty at the moment since Pratt doesn’t quite have the facilities to print 10 feet of fabric. I think that I am going to start small, but I am still excited to get printing none the less!


One response to “Screen printing!

  1. This is Sweet-heart from Riverland High School, I know where the spin effects holds your heart. It took me an age if not an eon for the age. Fuck i miss you! Please leave me a message here so we can get in touch with you angel!!! please bay!! Sweet-heart is where the home is! Never lost what I had for you. Be true, I’m lost within you!Steven Maple

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